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Living with Dignity as a Disabled Person


Richard Hackworth doesn’t allow obstacles to get in his way. His law background and legislative experience led to opportunities to advocate for people who need it the most, even before he was personally affected by disability.

Since 2001, Richard has been permanently disabled with inflammatory bowel disease. This diagnosis was an unexpected obstacle that changed his day-to-day life, but it hasn’t changed who he is. He’s still actively advocating and helping others—now he just needs a little help as well.

Having a disability often means there are extra healthcare costs. “It can be stressful to juggle everyday expenses and also meet those extra costs,” he said.

Two years ago Richard opened his ABLEnow account. He sees it as much more than a way to save money. “ABLEnow is an important resource that helps me live a dignified life while being disabled.”

ABLEnow savings helps Richard pay for medical bills, take care of basic things such as rides around town, and enhance his art business. He enjoys spending time creating art and mentoring other artists. Richard is in the process of starting an organization for artists with disabilities near his home in North Carolina.

When Richard is not creating art, he loves to garden and volunteer in his community. He provides peer support, helps at an organization for mental health, and takes care of veterans.

“I have to be more proactive. I don’t want to live at the poverty line. I want to be able to support myself,” Richard shared. He hopes to keep advocating for people with disabilities and continue using his ABLEnow account to support his independence and achieve his goals.

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Richard Hackworth is a compensated ambassador for the ABLEnow program. His experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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