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Three Steps Closer to the Future


Opening an ABLEnow account is a big step. It’s not only a step toward financial freedom for people with disabilities; it’s a step closer to the future.

The future may look different for each of us. Our dreams may include things such as:

  • The resources to live independently,
  • An emergency fund for unexpected medical bills not covered by insurance,
  • The chance to pursue a new degree, skill or job training,
  • A plan for the time when a parent can no longer care for their child with a disability, or
  • The opportunity to open a business, attend a conference or take a trip.

An ABLEnow account can be used for all of these scenarios and more.

While the first step is opening an account, there is an important second step — contributing to the account. It is fast and easy for account owners to add funds. Family and friends can also contribute to a loved one’s ABLEnow account.

When contributions are made, funds are available for immediate needs or future goals. The benefit is the account owner has the freedom to decide how and when to use the savings.

If you have an ABLEnow account, request contributions for your next birthday or put it on your holiday wish list.

As soon as you have enough savings, you can take the third step — working on the long-term goal you’ve had in mind. You can take action on dreams that require more planning, such as education, employment or housing arrangements, in addition to covering everyday expenses for ongoing needs.

Whether you want to put your savings toward something now or later, your goals don’t have to seem far away. Goals can become a part of the present because ABLEnow can help bring your future to today.

Laura Robb is a paid ambassador and consultant for the ABLEnow program. Her experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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