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Matthew Testimonial

Video Transcript

Matthew:         I'm Matthew, I'm 27 years old and I live with cerebral palsy. I was always looking for some sort of avenue or support that could help me save financially, and that is where ABLE accounts have helped me tremendously because I'm now finally able to save and not have to worry about losing benefits or having money taken from me.

Matthew:         The flexibility of having my ABLEnow account helps put me at ease. As a person with a disability I always have to deal with very expensive things and unexpected situations that come up and so having been someone who does receive different benefits and always had to worry about am I going over my limit or am I getting close to that limit? Having this ABLE account now allows me to not necessarily worry about that as much and I have something that is mine. I know that if there is an expense that pops up, I will have resources available to me to help cover that needed expense. I would say ABLEnow is freedom.