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5 Reasons to Love ABLEnow


February is often known for being a month dedicated to love. Discover five reasons embracing ABLEnow — a financial tool designed for eligible individuals with disabilities — is an act of self-love and empowerment.

1. Freedom to Financially Flourish

ABLEnow empowers eligible individuals with disabilities to take charge of their finances. Nurture your financial future without fear of jeopardizing certain essential benefits.

2. Sweet Tax Benefits

Just like a box of chocolates, ABLEnow comes with delightful tax advantages. Earnings on investments in your ABLEnow account grow free from state and federal taxes. Contributions may qualify for a state tax deduction, allowing you to sweeten your savings while reducing your tax burden.

3. Customized Support for Unique Needs

Everyone’s financial journey is different. Whether you're saving for education, housing, transportation, or healthcare expenses, ABLEnow offers the flexibility to pay a wide variety of Qualified Disability Expenses.

4. Effortless Accessibility

Managing an ABLEnow account should feel like a stroll through the park. Setting up contributions, monitoring account activity and accessing funds is simple and stress-free. Spend less time worrying about finances and more time enjoying life's pleasures.

5. Community of Advocates

When you save with ABLEnow, you're joining a community that's fostering financial inclusivity. Your participation shows the importance of financial tools and policies for individuals with disabilities and helps build a world where more people can flourish.

Make this February a month you'll remember for taking care of yourself and your finances. It’s the perfect time to embrace the advantages of ABLEnow.

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