Group Enrollment

Organizations that support individuals with disabilities can open and manage ABLEnow accounts for eligible clients.

Contact ABLEnow to understand group enrollment options for organizations opening and managing three (3) or more ABLEnow accounts on behalf of eligible clients.

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Opening an Account FAQs

The Eligible Individual may open and manage an ABLEnow account independently if they are over the age of 18.

If the Eligible Individual is a minor under the age of 18, is unable to open the account, or chooses to open an account but not exercise signature authority, an individual authorized to act on their behalf may open and manage the account as the Authorized Representative.

An ABLEnow account may be established by the Authorized Representative of an Eligible Individual in the following order of priority:

  • Agent under a Power of Attorney, or if none, a
  • Conservator or Legal Guardian (of the person and/or property),
  • Spouse,
  • Parent,
  • Sibling,
  • Grandparent, or
  • Representative payee appointed for the Account Owner by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

By opening an Eligible Individual’s ABLEnow account, the Authorized Representative is self-certifying that there is no other individual with a higher priority who is willing and able to open and manage the ABLEnow account as the Authorized Representative.

Eligible Individuals who require the assistance of a trusted service provider also have the option to designate a Care Representative as their agent with authority to open and manage their account using a Durable Limited Power of Attorney for the specific management of the ABLEnow account.

An Authorized Representative may neither have nor acquire any beneficial interest in the account during the Account Owner’s lifetime and must administer the account for the benefit of the Account Owner.

ABLEnow offers group enrollment options for providers wishing to open and manage three (3) or more ABLEnow accounts on behalf of eligible clients. Contact an ABLEnow group enrollment specialist and obtain an onboarding guide.

There’s no enrollment fee to open an ABLEnow account.

There is no minimum initial contribution amount or minimum subsequent contribution amount. However, if an ABLEnow account balance remains $0 for several months, the account may be closed due to inactivity.