Contribution Form

Contribute funds from a variety of sources to an existing ABLEnow account.

Incoming Program-to-Program Transfer

Transfer funds from another state’s qualified ABLE program to ABLEnow.

Distribution Request

Request a distribution from your account and/or close your ABLEnow account.

ACH Dispute Form

Dispute an electronic fund transfer that you believe to be in error or unauthorized.

Card Transaction Dispute Form

Dispute a debit card transaction that you believe to be in error or unauthorized.

Blocked Account Verification Form

Provide documentation as requested to verify identity for a new ABLENow account.

Name Change Request Form

Change the name on your ABLEnow account.

Working Account Owner Contribution Form

Contribute ABLE to Work funds for an account holder who is considered an employee. These funds exceed the normal annual contribution limit.

Durable Limited Power of Attorney Form

A care representative may use this optional form to create a limited Power of Attorney (POA) for specific management of the ABLEnow account.

Physician Diagnosis Form

Use this optional form to obtain a written diagnosis for your records.

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