Impact on Benefits

Save money and keep your benefits. ABLEnow accounts are designed to supplement resources provided through private insurance, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), employment, and other sources.

Funds in an ABLEnow account won’t impact eligibility for public disability benefits that provide income, health care, food and housing assistance.

Supplement federal benefits

ABLEnow accounts do not generally impact eligibility for federal assistance programs that support millions of Americans with disabilities. This means that you can have an ABLEnow account and maintain your eligibility for benefits including Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), housing assistance programs, and federal financial aid for higher education.

In addition, ABLEnow account balances below $100,000 do not impact Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit payments.

Supplement state benefits

State benefit programs and services can vary. Check with your benefits agency to determine if an ABLEnow account will affect any state-based disability benefits.

ABLEnow accounts will not affect eligibility for benefits offered by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Benefits not required

Although ABLEnow allows eligible individuals to save beyond asset limits, benefits are not a requirement to open an account.

ABLEnow accounts offer advantages that can outweigh other types of saving tools, regardless of whether or not you currently receive public benefits. For many, an ABLEnow account is an essential part of a comprehensive special needs financial plan.

See the ABLEnow Program Description for complete rules and details on government benefits.

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Impact on disability benefits FAQs

An ABLEnow account is disregarded when determining certain federal benefit eligibility with the following two exceptions for individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI):

  1. For the purposes of determining eligibility for SSI, money in an ABLEnow account in excess of $100,000 is considered an asset to the individual with a disability and may cause SSI benefits to be reduced or suspended. An account balance up to and including $100,000 is disregarded.
  2. A withdrawal that will be used for a housing expense but that is not spent in the same calendar month will be considered an asset of the individual with a disability and may cause SSI benefits to be reduced or suspended.

There is no impact on Medicaid benefits, regardless of how much money is in the ABLEnow account.

ABLEnow is the Virginia-sponsored ABLE savings program. An ABLEnow account is disregarded when determining eligibility to receive benefits provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Residents of states other than Virginia should check with their state benefits agencies to determine if an ABLEnow account will affect any state-based disability benefits.

No. An individual does not need to receive disability benefits to be eligible to open an ABLEnow account. See the Eligibility section for more information.

Yes, an individual with a disability can work and have an ABLEnow account as long as the individual meets the Eligibility requirements for ABLEnow.

Unless required by federal law, the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services may not pursue Medicaid recovery claims against the ABLEnow or ABLEAmerica accounts of Virginia residents. Learn more.

For customers who received Medicaid benefits outside Virginia during the time they had an ABLEnow or ABLEAmerica account open, that state’s Medicaid program can file a claim for some amount of repayment upon death. Before that happens, funds from the beneficiary’s ABLE account may be used by their estate to repay any outstanding qualified disability expenses, including funeral and burial costs.

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