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5 Reasons to Request ABLEnow Gift Contributions


What’s on your wish list? For a simple and practical solution, consider requesting gift contributions to your ABLEnow account.

The perfect present doesn’t have to come from a fancy boutique or an online shopping spree. Here are five reasons why ABLEnow contributions make a great gift from family and friends.

  1. ABLEnow gift contributions don’t expire. Money in your ABLEnow account is available when you need it most. There’s no requirement to “spend down” or an expiration date like a gift card. Funds in an ABLEnow account are yours to spend any time.
  2. ABLEnow gift contributions are versatile. An ABLEnow account can be used for a broad range of qualified disability expenses such as food, wellness, transportation and more. An ABLEnow contribution gives you flexibility to choose what you want, what you need or combine the gift with other funds for something extra special.
  3. ABLEnow gift contributions don’t add to the clutter. No boxes, bags or bins required. For family or friends who have limited time or gift ideas, an ABLEnow contribution can enhance the celebration without adding more stuff.
  4. ABLEnow gift contributions may have tax advantages. The gift giver may qualify for a state income tax deduction for contributions to an ABLEnow account, depending on their state’s laws. For account owners, earnings on investments in the ABLEnow account grow tax free, and contributions may qualify them for the Saver’s Tax Credit.
  5. ABLEnow gift contributions are simple. With an ABLEnow contribution, family and friends can provide financial assistance without endangering an account owner’s eligibility for certain means-tested disability benefits. It’s a meaningful investment in your future that is easy to make.

Anyone can contribute to an ABLEnow account online or by mail. Share the Give a Gift webpage for instructions and printable gift certificates.

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