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5 Ways I’m Using ABLEnow this Summer

Laura Robb - Summer 2019

This post was written by Laura Robb, an ABLEnow customer. Read more about Laura’s role with the program.

Imagining possibilities is a normal part of life. It’s exciting to dream, plan, and watch goals turn into reality. I have an ongoing list of places to go and dreams to do… one day. Being born with Arthrogryposis means I’m instantly limited, but my physical disability has also allowed me to become a creative problem-solver.

How can I pursue my dreams? How do I make any dream an achievable goal? As I create a plan, I think about whatever physical assistance I will need. But that’s not the only obstacle I face. Financial limits can be an additional obstacle.

With ABLEnow, I have the option to save and make dreams happen over time. My “one day” can start now.

This summer I already checked off an item on my list. I went on a road trip with my parents. We drove many miles to a disability conference and took a few scenic detours along the way. For one of our detours, we visited Niagara Falls in Canada. The savings in my ABLEnow account came in handy, as I was able to use my ABLEnow Card to pay for an accessible parking spot.

Now that I’ve finished my trip, I’ve started to think about a number of other ways I can use my ABLEnow account throughout the summer season:

  1. Travel dreams
  2. Conference costs
  3. Transportation fees
  4. Medical bills
  5. Educational goals

I might need to cover the extra expenses of a trip and plan for an attendant to travel with me. Or, I may need to pay for health-related appointments not covered by insurance, such as the dentist. Maybe I can put some of my savings toward my educational goals, so that I can begin classes to further develop my skills.

Whichever dream I chase next, ABLEnow can help. Goals are achievable in all seasons. Dreams are possible for everyone.


Laura Robb is a paid ambassador and consultant for the ABLEnow program. Her experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.