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ABLEnow Reduces the Fear of Uncertainty


Every month Bryan Betts makes a contribution to an ABLEnow account. His 11-year-old son, Luke, is always by his side. This is a moment they share because Bryan wants to teach his son an important life skill—how to save for the future.

After Luke was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, Bryan had a lot of questions about the future. He wondered what school and vocational training would look like. He doesn’t have an answer to every question, and he still doesn’t know how independent his son will be when he grows up. However, Bryan knows financial planning is an important step.

Bryan opened an ABLEnow account for Luke at the end of 2018. “It’s not about how much you save; it’s the consistency. Five dollars can really bloom in time,” Bryan said.

While the main goal in Bryan’s mind is the long-term future, the account has come in handy for some of Luke’s current needs. Luke uses assistive technology at school, but needed the same device at home. Their monthly contributions meant they could purchase the tablet and necessary software.

The ongoing pandemic has added a layer of urgency. It has reminded Bryan of the need for “savings for a rainy day.” As Luke watches his father’s actions, he is learning another life lesson—planning for the ups and downs of life.

“Since we never know what the future brings, investing in positive financial practices can help reduce the fear of uncertainty,” Bryan said.

In their free time, Bryan and Luke enjoy being outdoors and sharing many more moments together. They go hiking and exploring, ride bikes at the beach, and visit the local SPCA to see all the animals. When school is in session, Luke also loves to play sports through the Special Olympics. He does track and field activities, like running and the long jump.

Bryan wants others to know why an ABLE account is so powerful. “This is one way I can give my son independence. I can set him up for self-sufficiency later in life.”

Bryan Betts is a compensated representative for the ABLEnow program. His experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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