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Achieving Financial Independence


When she’s not working at her part-time job, Abigail Hucker channels her talents in writing, poetry and Taekwondo, a martial art that enhances physical coordination and mental discipline.

Abigail is a graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Originally from a suburb just outside Philadelphia, Abigail now lives in Florida.  

Born with cerebral palsy, Abigail has overcome many challenges of navigating a world that often does not cater to individuals who are “differently abled.” Abigail credits her resilience and can-do attitude to her family, who always believed in her ability to achieve an independent life. 

Abigail learned about ABLEnow when the program was featured on A&E’s Emmy-winning docuseries Born This Way. She researched ABLEnow and is now an account owner. “It’s your money,” says Abigail.

Abigail relies on her ABLEnow account to pay rent, transportation costs, healthcare not covered by insurance, Taekwondo lessons, and emergency expenses.

Two features of ABLEnow that Abigail finds most beneficial are the ease of contributing to her account and the convenience of withdrawing money using the ABLEnow Card. Perhaps most importantly, funds saved in her ABLEnow account won’t impact certain means-tested benefits. The ability to accumulate assets without worrying about a reduction in Social Security benefits is significant to Abigail’s long-term goal to remain as independent as possible.

The ABLEnow Ambassador program offers a platform for individuals to share their stories, which Abigail is grateful for. ABLEnow is proud to highlight customers and share how ABLE accounts help them dream, save and achieve. Complete the Ambassador Application today to tell us how ABLEnow is making an impact in your life. Ambassadors who are selected to share their story will receive a $100 contribution to their account.

Abigail Hucker is a compensated representative for the ABLEnow program. Her experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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