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Athlete with a Mission


Troy Evans is a Special Olympics athlete with a mission—having fun, supporting his community, and working to achieve more independence.

Troy started his journey with the Special Olympics after learning about the organization from a teacher at his high school. He began with bowling, but later competed in softball, volleyball, and his favorite event—basketball.

Games aside, this athlete’s passion is deeply rooted within his community.

“The best part is being with friends and seeing how much my skills grow and improve over the years,” says Troy.

As a Special Olympics Virginia Global Messenger who has ataxic cerebral palsy, Troy is eager to spread the message of unity, respect and inclusion.

With inclusion in mind, Troy decided to take steps and work toward his own financial security and independence. Part of that includes opening his ABLEnow account.

ABLE accounts allow eligible individuals to save without impacting certain means-tested benefits. Funds may be used on qualified disability expenses related to health, independence and quality of life.

Having funds in an ABLEnow account allows Troy and his family to not only plan for the future, but to use the account on a regular basis. “I can spend money in my ABLEnow account on dental visits, clothing, vacations and other allowable expenses,” says Troy.

Troy’s goal is to “be the best person that I can be and help anyone who needs help.” He achieves this even in his free time by immersing himself in his community. He enjoys volunteering with Meals on Wheels and his local library and aiding elderly neighbors.

Keeping others’ needs close to his heart is why Troy feels other eligible individuals and their families should consider opening an ABLEnow account.

Thanks to ABLEnow, Troy can continue to focus on helping others, while helping himself as well.

Troy Evans is a compensated representative for the ABLEnow program. His experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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