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Daniel’s Experience Opening an Account


Daniel Morales first heard about ABLEnow from a fellow Special Olympics athlete, who happens to be a good friend. He visited the ABLEnow website with his parents and they decided to open an account.

Enrollment was much easier than Daniel expected. Now, ABLEnow empowers him to take more ownership of his finances and become more independent.

“My hope is to be a little bit more financially smart,” said Daniel. “I think having this account is a good reminder to think about my future.”

Daniel recommends ABLEnow to his eligible friends and teammates. “The fact that it was so easy to set up, plus the good things that I've heard about it, I think it`s a no-brainer,” adds Daniel.

View video clips of the interview with Daniel on the Special Olympics of Virginia website

Daniel Morales is an athlete and Global Messenger with the Special Olympics of Virginia. Learn more about ABLEnow’s partnership with the Special Olympics of Virginia. Daniel’s experience may not be representative of other account owners.

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