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From Advocate to Associate


Meet one of the ABLEnow team members who helps customers achieve their financial goals.

Victoria “Vicki” Thomas had her whole life planned out. In 2015, Vicki was a college freshman with a scholarship to play softball. As a kid, her dream was to play softball at the highest levels and eventually become a professional sports broadcaster. But life threw Vicki a curveball. The college freshman was home for winter break when she sustained a spinal cord injury in a car crash.

"The accident changed my perspective a lot,” shared Vicki. “I wondered what I could do and what is possible.”

Ambitious and goal-orientated, Vicki was determined to maintain her independence and not let her injury define her.

Less than four years after her accident, Vicki was crowned Miss Wheelchair Virginia 2019 and served as a spokesperson for the state’s disability community. Through her advocacy efforts, she learned about the importance of ABLE accounts and the ABLEnow program.

In October 2020, Vicki started as an intern at Virginia529, the agency that administers ABLEnow. She was promoted to a full-time customer service associate in May 2021. In this position, Vicki builds and maintains positive relationships with customers and helps find solutions to issues that may arise.

“What I love most about ABLEnow is the financial independence it brings to people with disabilities and the hope it offers towards a brighter future,” says Vicki. “Sometimes it can feel like the system is working against us. ABLEnow brings people with disabilities one step closer to true accessibility, especially in the realm of finances.”

Vicki is thrilled about her new role helping customers dream, save and achieve. Down the road, she hopes to continue her education and possibly explore career opportunities in counseling. Regardless of her future path, nothing stands in Vicki’s way.

"The world is whatever you want to make it be,” Vicki shared. “We may face new sets of challenges or need to find new ways to adapt, but anything can be done. Live your life, your truth, and keep on rolling toward better days and brighter futures.”

Vicki Thomas is a compensated representative for the ABLEnow program. Her experience may not be representative of other account owners.

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