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Group Enrollment Options for Providers


Now, it’s easier for organizations to open and manage multiple ABLEnow accounts.

ABLEnow offers group enrollment options for providers wishing to open and manage three or more ABLEnow accounts on behalf of eligible clients.

  • A new group enrollment option is available for providers that serve as the organizational representative payee or legal guardian for eligible individuals.
  • Alternatively, organizations have the option to establish Durable Limited Power of Attorney (POA) agreements for the specific management of ABLEnow accounts of clients with capacity.

ABLEnow accounts are a valuable tool that may eliminate the need to spend down funds to maintain eligibility for means-tested benefits.

What is an Organizational Representative Payee?

Millions of Americans who receive monthly Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits need help managing their money. For many beneficiaries of SSI, a family member or friend is appointed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to serve as the representative payee. But for some individuals, an organizational representative payee is appointed by the SSA to serve this role. An organizational representative payee is a business, company, social service agency, state or local government agency, or a financial organization that manages SSA benefits on behalf of a beneficiary.

Learn more about the role of an organizational representative payee on the Social Security Administration website.

Open ABLE Accounts for Your Clients

Visit to contact a group enrollment specialist and obtain an onboarding guide. Once you complete and submit the required forms and documentation, ABLEnow will provide your organization with a unique link you can use to create ABLEnow accounts for your clients.

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