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How ABLEnow is Making a Difference


A little over a year ago, Janeek Prince decided to start investing in her future by opening an ABLEnow account. Having spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and HIV from birth has taught Janeek to face any challenge head on. She’s not letting financial limits hold her back either.

Janeek grew up in an orphanage in St. Croix until she was almost 18. The family she found and her ABLEnow account are two things that she credits for making the transition into adulthood even smoother.

“I make the best out of life. ABLEnow allows me to save like everyone else. It lowers my stress to not have to worry about money,” Janeek said.

Janeek is already finding her savings quite useful. She keeps up with her bills and regularly arranges rides to medical appointments. The flexibility of her ABLEnow account helps her to be prepared for emergencies or extra medical expenses, like when she needs a new battery for her mobility scooter or a holder for her crutches.

Bigger dreams are on Janeek’s mind as well. She has family far from where she lives in Virginia. Her mom is originally from Italy.

“I want to get a mobility scooter for traveling, one with an adaptive seat,” she shared.

Janeek stays busy with two jobs. She works part-time at a movie theater, ushering, taking tickets, and directing customers. She also works in the office of Resources for Independence of Virginia (RIVA), an organization that runs group homes for people with disabilities. Her role is to answer phones and help coordinate details.

From Janeek’s personal story to her job experience, she understands the importance of her overall wellbeing. Opening an ABLE account quickly made a difference in her life.

“There are so many benefits. I can be independent. I can have a little money for myself. This is the best thing that’s happened in my life. This is the way it’s supposed to be.”

ABLEnow is proud to highlight customers and share how ABLE accounts help them dream, save and achieve. Complete the Ambassador Application today to tell us how ABLEnow is making an impact in your life. Ambassadors who are selected to share their story will receive a $100 contribution to their account.

Janeek Prince is a compensated ambassador for the ABLEnow program. Her experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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