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May is Military Appreciation Month


May is Military Appreciation Month, a designated time to honor America’s military service members, past and present. It's an opportunity to recognize the ways ABLEnow supports the well-being and financial security of service members and their families.

Service members who have a loved one with a disability can face unique challenges. ABLEnow has partnered with the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and the USO Warrior and Family Center to help educate families on tax-advantaged ABLE accounts. Virginia has one of the country’s largest concentrations of military bases and personnel. As the Virginia-sponsored ABLE program, ABLEnow offers unique advantages for Virginians. But enrollment is available to eligible individuals in any state, so an ABLEnow account can effortlessly follow military families to the next assignment.

ABLEnow accounts can serve as a valuable tool for eligible veterans and active-duty military personnel who have incurred disabilities. Funds saved in an ABLEnow account can pay for a wide range of qualified disability expenses, including healthcare, assistive technology, housing and transportation. It’s an opportunity to achieve financial stability and independence while navigating the challenges of service-related disability.

By empowering service members and their families to save for the future, ABLEnow plays a vital role in supporting their overall well-being and quality of life. Help spread the word. Register for an upcoming webinar or invite ABLEnow to present to your group.


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