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Now, it’s Easier to Give a Beneficial Gift


Anyone can contribute to an ABLEnow account. And thanks to the new ABLEnow Contribution Center, family and friends can easily make online gift contributions without endangering the ABLEnow account owner’s eligibility for most means-tested benefits.

To make an online contribution, gift-givers just need the ABLEnow account owner’s last name and account number to get started. There is no fee to use the ABLEnow Contribution Center.

“Before ABLEnow, monetary gifts to an individual with disabilities could jeopardize their much-needed income, health care, food and housing assistance benefits,” said Mary Morris, CEO of Virginia529, the agency that administers ABLEnow. “The new ABLEnow Contribution Center makes it easy for our ABLEnow customers to accept monetary gifts and assistance like anyone else. Family and friends can mark birthdays, holidays and other milestones by making a contribution directly into their loved one’s ABLEnow account.”

Gift-givers may benefit from their contribution too. For example, Virginia offers an annual state income tax deduction of up to $2,000 per contributor for contributions to an ABLEnow account.

In addition to the new website, gift contributions may be made directly into an ABLEnow account by mail. Printable, themed gift certificates are available online to share the good news. Get started by clicking “Give a Gift” at the top of the ABLEnow website or visiting

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