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Preparing for Summer with ABLEnow


This post was written by Laura Robb, an ABLEnow customer. Read more about Laura’s role with the program.

The other day I went shopping in a clothing store for the first time in over a year. It felt like a moment to celebrate. Something that used to be so normal, a simple part of the changing seasons, has taken on new meaning for two reasons.

First, the pandemic changed many of my routines and perspectives. During the quarentine, I shopped online.

Second, the savings I’ve built up in my ABLEnow account makes me more aware of how I can practice financial independence. Do I want to spend money on a new dress today? Or would I rather save and invest for something later?

As I looked around the store, I decided I could say yes to both of those questions. Yes to a new shirt and dress. Yes to investing funds for the long term.

ABLEnow allows me to consider the present and the future. I can enjoy adding new clothing to my closet. I can dream about what I’ll do next to achieve my goals.

I can worry a little less about my finances because I have a cushion in my account. It is okay if I spend more to prepare for summer than I did in the spring.

Earlier in the spring, I was still at home most of the time. Thinking about my health, I purchased extra masks from the same store online. I want to be safe when I am in public. Having a few masks on hand makes it easier for me. When one mask is in the laundry, another one is available.

While I’m growing more comfortable with being in public again, all the previous pandemic restrictions make any outing seem exciting. I’m celebrating the moments that were once mundane. I’m also celebrating the freedom that my ABLEnow account provides to me, as well as to many other people with disabilities.

Laura Robb is a paid ambassador and consultant for the ABLEnow program. Her experience as an account owner may not be representative of other account owners.

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