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Saving for Now and the Future


Nawfal works as an accountant, so he can appreciate a tool that helps move him closer to his financial goals. That’s why he decided to open his tax-advantaged ABLEnow account.

“I use ABLEnow to invest and grow my wealth,” he shares. Nawfal has also benefited from the annual state tax deduction, one of the advantages available to Virginia customers.

Born legally blind, Nawfal appreciates that ABLEnow makes investing accessible to people with disabilities, without having to sacrifice certain means-tested public benefits.

Even with the financial security that comes with his full-time career, Nawfal knows that sometimes unexpected events can occur. He aims to keep at least a six-month emergency fund in his ABLEnow account. This security allows Nawfal to enjoy his life without worrying about unexpected expenses.

He shares the benefits of saving with ABLEnow and expresses, “I would suggest opening an account because it provides a tax deduction, shields eligible individuals from benefits disqualification, and provides the opportunity to save and invest funds.”

During his free time, Nawfal loves exploring amazing sights of Washington, D.C.

Nawfal Kulam is a compensated representative for the ABLEnow program. His experience may not be representative of other account owners.

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