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Savings Program Gaining Popularity


Created by Congress in 2014 and rolled out gradually state-by-state two years later, ABLE accounts are designed to help individuals with disabilities save and fund a variety of qualified disability expenses, such as education, transportation, housing and employment training.

ABLE account holders can save and invest without endangering eligibility for most government programs such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.

“When we explain that funds in an ABLEnow account won’t impact disability services and supports, many people look for the catch as they are so accustomed to not being able to save and plan for the future,” said Mary Morris, Chief Executive Officer of the agency that administers the national ABLEnow program.

Read more about ABLE accounts and growth of the ABLEnow program in Steve Rosen’s nationally syndicated Tribune column, “Kids & Money” from July 2021.

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