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Selecting Investments


ABLEnow makes it easy to save and invest at your own pace.

The first $2,000 in your account is automatically allocated to the FDIC-insured ABLEnow Deposit Account, which is linked to your ABLEnow Card. Once the balance in the ABLEnow Deposit Account exceeds $2,000, you’re eligible (but not required) to start investing additional contributions into one or more investment portfolios.

Even if you haven’t reached the $2,000 minimum yet, you can still set up your Investment Account and choose your funds.

Login to your online account portal here or by clicking “My Account” in the top menu of the ABLEnow website. From the portal home screen, click “Accounts and Investment Summary” in the top navigation bar.

If you have not yet established your investment elections, you will see the “Start Investing button at the top right of the page. Click this button for a step-by-step guide to set up your Investment Account.

  • Step 1: Opt in to automatic investment transfers from your ABLEnow Deposit Account to your Investment Account. You will also set your investment transfer threshold amount. The default is set to $2,000. This means that when the balance of your ABLEnow Deposit Account reaches $2,000, additional contributions will be invested.

    • You have the option to set your investment threshold higher, but you may not set it lower than $2,000. For example, some customers want to maintain at least $10,000 in the ABLEnow Deposit Account to waive the monthly account service fee. See the account fee schedule for details.

    • Remember, the amount you set in your ABLEnow Deposit Account is the amount of funds available on your ABLEnow Card. Need to make a larger purchase with your card? Set your cash balance higher or use online bill pay to pay a provider directly through the online account portal.

    • Based on the preferences you set, ABLEnow automatically sweeps funds between the deposit and investment accounts in $100 increments. So, if your cash balance is set to $2,000, you spend $500 using your ABLEnow Card and your ABLEnow Deposit Account balance drops to $1,500, your account will automatically transfer $500 from your investment account back to your ABLEnow Deposit Account. Note that this automatic rebalance is not considered an investment direction.

  • Step 2: Select your investments. Enter a percentage to select one or more of the investment portfolio options. For example, you may opt to put 100% of your funds in one portfolio. Or, you may prefer to select multiple portfolios by assigning a different percentage to each, but the total must add up to 100%.

    • If you don’t select an investment, the default is the Money Market portfolio.

Once you have finished setting up your Investment Account, the “Manage Investments” tab will appear on the left navigation. Account owners or their authorized representative should periodically assess investment choices with their time horizon, risk tolerance and objectives in mind. Note that Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules allow only two investment direction changes per calendar year.

If you have having trouble with the online account portal, ensure your web browser is up to date and your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Please contact ABLEnow Customer Service if we can answer questions or provide assistance with your account.

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