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Stay in the Know with Account Notifications


Setting up alerts or notifications for your online accounts help you stay informed. Did you know that you can customize your notifications for your ABLEnow account? They’re easy to set up, and you may change your preferences at any time.

Choose email notifications for things such as:

  • Available cash balance
  • Contributions posted to your account
  • Withdrawals exceeding a certain limit

When it comes to monitoring activity on your ABLEnow card, you can set up email and text notifications to alert you when your card has been used to make a purchase. These notifications can help you to stay informed, track spending, or quickly identify possible fraudulent activity.

Set notification preferences in three easy steps after logging into the ABLEnow online portal.

  1. Click on Message Center.
  2. Click on Update Notification Preferences.
  3. Select your delivery option for each notification under Alert Preferences.

If you no longer wish to receive notifications, you can update your preferences at any time.

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