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Transfer Your ABLE Account to ABLEnow


Eligible individuals can only have one ABLE account. Want to transfer your ABLE account to the ABLEnow program?

Here are the instructions:

Alternatively, if you have already closed your ABLE account and received the funds from your closed ABLE account, you may be eligible to deposit these funds into an ABLEnow account within 60 days of the withdrawal by completing the ABLEnow Contribution Form.

One rollover is permitted every 12 months to a new ABLE account for the same designated beneficiary after which the original ABLE account is closed. To complete a program-to-program transfer, both accounts must have the same designated beneficiary, or the new designated beneficiary must be an ABLE-eligible sibling* of the designated beneficiary.

The amount transferred can include entire balance of your ABLE account, and the original ABLE account must be closed. ABLE-to-ABLE program transfers and rollovers are not subject to the annual ABLE contribution limit.

Join thousands of people who are saving with ABLEnow, the country’s largest independent ABLE program. Get the ABLEnow Card, the industry’s only mobile app, and the same low account service fees, regardless of your state of residence.

Contact Customer Service or your tax professional for assistance.


*Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules permit a transfer to an account owner’s ABLE-eligible sibling who qualifies as a “Member of the Family.” A Member of the Family under Section 529A means the ABLE account owner’s sibling, whether by blood or adoption, including his or her brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, half-brother, and half-sister.

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