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What Should Investors Do During Market Uncertainty?


The recent sharp market drop poses a difficult question for investors: what should I do?

Faced with declining portfolio values, it is a natural instinct to want to react and protect investments from further market declines. The short answer to this question is to act calmly and rationally. Prudent investing is about cool-headed decision making. During times of market volatility, investors should focus on their time horizon and asset allocation. Good investing involves deciding on a long-term strategy and sticking with it.

History has demonstrated that sources of market uncertainty are always different. If we can rely on history, short-term panic envisions a doom-and-gloom scenario followed by stabilization and eventual growth. In times like this, global markets may sell off. Stocks and bonds will re-price, and economic growth is likely to diminish. Recall the Great Recession of 2008-2009 then fast forward to the end of 2019. That 10-year period saw the longest bull market in U. S. history.

Although some volatility is an inevitable result of investing over market cycles, investors should maintain a diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds in accordance with their time horizon. Knowing your personal risk tolerance and when you plan to tap into your ABLEnow savings should guide your investment choices.

In the current situation, investors should reassess their tolerance for market risk and refocus on their long and short-term goals. Act calmly and rationally, and if you are uncertain about what to do, consult a financial expert—a trusted advisor or consultant—who can help you navigate the volatility.

ABLEnow cannot and does not provide legal, financial, benefits or tax advice, and the foregoing information should not be construed as such with respect to the consequences for any particular individual as a result of contributions or withdrawals from an ABLEnow account. Since each individual’s legal, financial, benefits and tax situation is unique, a qualified professional should be consulted on any of the issues discussed in this article.

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