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You’ve Opened an ABLEnow Account. Now What?


Congratulations on opening your ABLEnow account. For many, saving and investing in an ABLE account is an important step in self-determination and financial independence.

Read on for instructions on how to successfully use your account.

Login Online

After completing your ABLEnow application, you received a welcome email with information on accessing your account online. The secure ABLEnow Consumer Portal offers a convenient way to check and manage your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit “My Account” to view your account balance and transaction information, manage account notifications and more.

Add Money

Saving money may not be as fun as spending it, but having funds in your ABLEnow account is one of the best ways to buy peace of mind. Contributions may be made online or by mail. Transfer money from your personal bank account to your ABLEnow account online at any time. Prefer to mail a check? Follow the instructions on the Contribution Form.

Remember, anyone can contribute to an ABLEnow account. With the ABLEnow Contribution Center, family and friends can easily make online gift contributions to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other milestones.

Select Investment Options

ABLEnow makes it easy to save and invest at your own pace. Funds you contribute are automatically allocated to the FDIC-insured ABLEnow Deposit Account, which is linked to your ABLEnow Card. Once the balance in the ABLEnow Deposit Account exceeds $2,000, you’re eligible (but not required) to start investing additional contributions into one or more investment portfolios. Even if you haven’t reached the $2,000 minimum, you can still set up your Investment Account and choose your portfolios. Learn more.

Withdraw Funds

Use your ABLEnow account for a variety of expenses related to maintaining your health, independence and quality of life. Pay for Qualified Disability Expenses in the way that’s easiest for you:

  • Present your ABLEnow Card at the point of sale.
  • Transfer funds from your ABLEnow account to a personal bank account online.
  • Pay a provider directly with online bill pay.

Please contact ABLEnow Customer Service with any questions or for assistance with your account.

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