Reporting the Death of an Account Owner

Settling accounts after someone has passed away can be stressful. ABLEnow is here to help.

Follow the two easy steps below to get started.

Notify ABLEnow

When an Account Owner (Designated Beneficiary) passes away, let ABLEnow know as soon as possible. The Customer Service team is ready and prepared to help secure the account and work with the estate.

Complete and submit the appropriate paperwork

ABLEnow will provide you with the appropriate form, depending on circumstances, and provide guidance on additional documentation that will need to be submitted. In general, the estate of the Account Owner can request funds from the ABLEnow account to pay the deceased Account Owner’s outstanding qualified disability expenses, state Medicaid reimbursement claims or any estate taxes or penalties.

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ABLEnow is here to help.


Yes. Authorized Representatives and/or an estate executor or administrator can use funds in the ABLEnow account to pay for final expenses, including funeral costs, and any other outstanding qualified disability expenses. It’s strongly recommended receipts and records are kept for these expenses.

If there is not a Designated Survivor listed on the account, the executor or administrator of the Account Owner’s estate should submit the appropriate form and documentation to close the ABLEnow account.

A Designated Survivor has been named by the Account Owner as the person who will receive the ABLEnow account assets in the event of the Account Owner’s death, following the payment of any outstanding qualified disability expenses, state Medicaid claims and estate taxes of the deceased Account Owner.

If an Account Owner did not leave a will or have an estate, there may be some additional steps you can take to become an executor or establish an estate. Since rules may vary by state, it’s recommended that you contact your lawyer or local courthouse for requirements.

To obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN), please visit for more information.

If the Authorized Representative of an ABLEnow account passes away, contact ABLEnow. A new Authorized Representative (eligible family member, conservator/guardian, power of attorney, rep payee) will need to be appointed. As part of this process, the new Authorized Representative will need to review the ABLEnow Program Description, and complete the Authorized Representative Change Form, and submit a copy of the death certificate.

All forms and documentation should be mailed to ABLEnow Customer Service, P.O. Box 2765, Fargo, ND 58108-2765. Forms and documentation can also be uploaded to ABLEnow’s Secure Server. Please allow up to 7-10 business days for processing.