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Now, you may be eligible to save even more in your ABLEnow account.

Thanks to the ABLE to Work Act, working ABLE account owners who do not participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan may contribute above the annual ABLE contribution limit ($15,000 in 2021).

How Much More?

The additional ABLE contribution is up to the lesser of:

  1. the prior year's federal poverty line for a one-person household ($12,760 in 2021), or
  2. the account owner’s compensation for the taxable year.

What does this mean? Eligible working individuals are empowered to save up to a maximum of $27,760 in their ABLEnow account in 2021 (depending upon their income) without impacting certain benefits due to asset limitations. The additional contribution may be made each year through the end of 2025, when the ABLE to Work Act is set to expire.

How to Contribute?

Once ABLEnow account owners have hit the standard contribution limit for the year ($15,000 in 2021), additional ABLE to Work contributions may be made by mailing a check along with the completed Working Account Owner Contribution Form (pdf).

If you don’t have an ABLEnow account, enroll online today.

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